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What Is The Difference Between Printing, Embroidery, And Jacquard?

Nov 11, 2019


Printing is the preparation of a variety of dyes and pigments into a printing paste, the local application of the fabric, so that they get a variety of patterns.

Printing can be divided into active printing and paint printing :

1. Reactive printing: The use of reactive dyes penetrate into the fabric and the formation of the printing;

2. Paint printing: The use of paint on the fabric and the formation of the printing.

The active printed fabrics are brightly colored, have good color fastness, soft and long-lasting wash, and do not fade away; the paint and dyeing of cloth is a good one after dyeing, and it is easy to fade. There are many options for printing patterns. The printing is mainly applied to cellulosic fiber fabrics, silk fabrics, chemical fibers and blended fabrics.

Silk Scarf

Printing Silk Scarf