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What Does It Mean To Send A Scarf? Send A Greeting To The Scarf

Oct 26, 2019

Scarf scarf, surrounded by you, only wish to live forever! If there is a girl who sends you a scarf someday, then you should pay attention, this girl may be interesting to you! Generally speaking, girls do not send boys scarves. This is mainly because the meaning of sending scarves has deep love. If they are just ordinary friends, they will not pick such gifts. However, some people say that sending a scarf represents a breakup. What does this mean? Come and see it with Xiaobian!

First, the meaning of sending a scarf

1. On behalf of her (he) loves you and represents care. In winter, send a scarf to keep warm. The girl’s message tells her that she loves, the girl can only really woven a scarf for a person, and it is full of her love.

2, entangled him / her.

3. Give him/her warmth and express your concern.

4, is a gentle, delicate, generous means of showing love.

Sending a scarf means that you want to surround you for a lifetime and give you warmth.

Second, why girls can not send boys scarves

Reason one

The meaning of the scarf is that I love you, can express the deep love between men and women, and its intricate weaving method tells all kinds of deep love feelings, girls can not give ordinary boys scarves, otherwise it will produce Unnecessary misunderstandings affect friendship and change.

Reason two

There are legends on the Internet that send scarves to break up, and most people who get this idea have the same feelings. Therefore, sending a scarf has become a reason for many people to break up. If you care, you don't have to try this rumor, you can send other gifts to your beloved one; if your feelings can stand any test, then no matter what you send, nothing will happen, as long as the two sides are willing to do it, the scarf will ultimately Still play a role in caring for warmth.

In fact, there are many different opinions. From the perspective of warmth, the scarf is a good choice, but at the same time, it should be noted that ordinary male friends can't really send it.

Third, send a scarf greetings

1. A long scarf is like a long blessing that will follow your life. Enclose it and you will wrap all happiness and happiness!

2, in this cold season, you are in my thoughts every day, happy time has no end; unforgettable past events are treasured in the heart, warm thoughts are so long. I wish you good health and happiness every day in this cold season!

3, is a year of deciduous yellow, a layer of autumn rain, a layer of cool, running around the day is very hard, do not forget to add clothes, love the body and meals, cherish the long-lasting friendship, text messages have not been completed, only wish Friends more well!

4. There is warmth in it.

5, a trace of true love is better than a thousand two gold, a trace of warmth can reach the miles of frost, a greeting sent sweet and sweet, a text message to go to my heart: happy every day! Happy winter!

6, a greeting, a text message, a hug, a look, a scarf, use our little hands to warm each other; please remember, the weather is cold, more clothes, don't catch a cold! If you are unfortunately accidentally sneezing, please remember that it must be that I miss you!

7. A meteor across the sky, I missed a wish; a wave splashed on the rock, I missed the blessing; a story only tells me, I missed listening; a life only one time, I must not miss you like this friend!

8, a sweet smile, including how much affection; a blessing, how much care to collect; a question, show how much care; a message, sent infinite warmth! It’s cold, keep warm!

9, an unyielding friendship, obsessed with thousands of blessings, give me the warmth of your greetings. No matter how far our distance is, caring for your heart will never change. In this warm season, I will give you my most sincere blessings and deep greetings.