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What Are The Bedclothes?

Apr 09, 2020

What Are the Bedclothes?

Bedding clothing industry can be divided into three industries according to its end use, namely, bedding clothing industry, and decorative bedding clothing industry. Decorative bedding clothing industry is generally known as home bedding clothing industry such as silk pillow cover, that is, household bedding clothing industry. Home bedding industry is one of the branches of bedding clothing industry. Bedding is an important part of home bedding clothing.  

Bedding Clothes Industry in China

According to the classification of China Home Bedding Clothing Association, it includes 1 bed category, 2 curtain categories such as silk curtain, 3 washing kitchen bedding clothing category, 4 furniture bedding clothing categories (silk cushion), etc. Among them, the bedding category ranks first in the home bedding clothing industry, accounting for more than 1 / 3 of the output value of China's home bedding clothing industry, reaching 100 billion yuan in 2004; the output value in 2006 was about 250 billion yuan, including bedspread, quilt, pillow and other products. In China, bedding industry is also known as bedding industry, or bedding industry, bedding industry and interior soft decoration industry. The concept of overall bedding is to design all kinds of bedclothes as a whole and sell them in combination.