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Wearing And Maintenance Of Silk Scarf

Nov 15, 2019


Maintenance and washing of silk fabrics Silk is a kind of natural fiber fabric, light texture, soft and smooth, breathable, comfortable and cool, elegant chic, is an ideal summer clothing fabrics. Master wearing, washing and maintenance method of science to the beautiful silk keep summer, prolong its life is good. A silk clothes washing Silk clothes washing can choose dry cleaning or hand wash.

A, hand wash Silk dress is protein fiber woven delicate care, hand wash, and use the special silk detergent or neutral liquid soap, first detergent mix water before being placed in clothes by hand; water temperature is not too high, do not soak clothes in time more than 15 minutes; gentle hands rubbing; after washing rinse soap, to the net, do not wring out; painted silk dress in the water can be repeatedly washed. When the back of the clothes outside, placed in the shade as the drip dry, dry to seven to 80% dry again when ironing or shake flat. Dry, moisture should be around 10%. 

Remove the ironing, ironing is recommended to use steam hot, not to take iron directly on the clothes, slightly raised, to maintain a certain distance with the clothes, can keep constant gloss durable; if not ironing, can be dry when placed in plastic bags with clothing 70% hand flat can; can also be used to dry, fold flat in a plastic bag, seal the mouth, into the freezer for 12 hours of strong freezing, can achieve lower effect. B, dry cleaning Should choose dry cleaners, but if there is a need to explain what stains, stains. 

Be careful´╝Ü 1, wash not in rough objects rub and use the washing machine washing, hand washing the best. 2, please use the special washing detergent, avoid using alkaline detergent, soap, detergent or other detergent, do not use disinfectant. 3, do not use soap washing, because fatty acid anion soap produced in water, calcium and magnesium ions and water will be combined into insoluble calcium salts of fatty acids and fatty acid