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Usage Of Tie Clip

Feb 28, 2020

Usage of tie clip

Tie clip is very important

Tie clips are available or not. Generally fashionable wear is not tie clip. Only two kinds of people use tie clips: first, people in uniform. Like industry and commerce, taxation, police and soldiers, airline people use tie clips. They have national emblem, police emblem, airline emblem, CIS on their tie clips. Second, VIP. Senior officials, senior generals, big bosses, because they are in the public, the public eye, eye-catching.

For example, if we go to have soup, if there is no outsider, we will fill it with a bowl. The fastidious people do not pour, bend down to spoon food. Then think about it. If his tie is not jammed, who will drink soup first when he bends down? A tie. In fact, when fashionable people wear ties, they don't need a tie clip. When it's warm and cold, I go for a walk in spring. When I go for a walk, my tie is not tied by a tie clip and dances with the wind. Speaking of fashion, it's cool. It's a man's taste. The tie is floating. Who holds it is silly.

Tie and shirt match:

You should choose the color of your tie according to your shirt.

The best two colors are red and blue, or yellow with patterns. Colour matching is regular. For example, the shirt is white, so the pattern on the tie should be a little white. The white in the tie can set off the white of the shirt, so the effect is good. It can produce many kinds of vision when it is assembled in the West with Tibetan blue and dark grey.