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Teach You How To Choose A Man's Scarf!

May 17, 2019

Teach you how to choose a man's scarf!

There are many kinds of scarves for men. Do you know how to choose a scarf that suits you?

A simple style

Choice according to skin color

Skin darkness: Do not fall into darkness and choose the same color, on the contrary, choose a brighter pure color to brighten the skin, and scarf do not have too much decoration.

 Man's Scarf!

Choose light gray, wine red, beige, light blue, ginger yellow, etc., avoid all purple. Must be solid, not a second black-and-white, grey-and-grey color.

 Man's Scarf!

Skin yellowing: Dark yellow skin avoids all fluorescent colors. Avoid black, khaki, camel, dark coffee and brown. You can choose light blue, dark green, Tibetan blue, Tibetan blue, jujube red and so on.

 Man's Scarf!

Skin whitening: There's a lot of room to choose, and you can try more. Sapphire blue, Khaki color, classic black even more lining human temperament.

 Man's Scarf!

You can also choose scarves with a lot of color matching, similar to the lattice scarf of Soglan style (face size is not suitable).

When choosing, do not have tassels or a scarf with a little tassels at the tail, otherwise it will not appear masculine.

 Man's Scarf!

Men with short necks or fat bodies should not choose thick knitted scarves because of the visual effect of fattening.

 Man's Scarf!

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