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Spring And Summer 2020 12 Kinds Of Popular Colors Are Coming! ①

Mar 20, 2020

Spring and summer 2020 12 kinds of popular colors are coming! Released by the authority!

Summer of 2019 is over,

Will the summer of 2020 be far behind?

Spring and summer are vivid color seasons,

It is also the season with the clothing color most brilliant performance.

Prediction about spring and summer color in 2020?

Yes, absolutely!


London Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2020

12 pop colors

In spring and summer 2020, the exciting and strong popular color palette reflects the continuous desire for energy brought by conflict and personalized self-expression.



PAM Hogg ss2020

The main trend color of this season is fiery red. The remarkable high saturation intensively stirs up the visual nerve, and emits heat and energy.


Connected with the brilliant sunset, the bright orange flame full of positive energy.


The noble blue with a long history, the traditional blue describes historical inheritance, reliability and continuity.