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Silk Fabric Washing And Maintenance

Nov 04, 2019

Silk is a natural animal protein fiber, dyeing dye can only be uniformly attached to the surface of silk, and not like other raw materials directly into the fiber inside. And most of its printing and dyeing acid dyes. Therefore, in order to ensure the best color protection, it is strongly recommended that dry cleaning!Silk identification

Observe the luster. Silk fabric soft and uniform luster, although bright but not glaring. Although the luster of rayon fabric is also bright, but not soft. Polyester silk luster, although uniform, but there are flashing or bright silk. Nylon silk fabric gloss is poor, as coated with a layer of wax. Feel the touch Feel the handle when touching the silk fabric, while other chemical fiber products do not have this feeling.



If necessary, please refer to the following suggestions:

1, silk washing should be silky detergent (such as body wash, shampoo) as a detergent builder, to avoid using too alkaline washing detergent and soap to prevent damage to silk fibers received. (Soap will be combined with calcium and magnesium ions in the water to form soap soils deposited on the silk fiber, the silk yellowing, coarse).

2, washing is to be loosened into the equivalent of its own weight, more than 40 times the cold water alone and gently washed. Go to the cleansing liquid water with

both hands lightly drained water (not twisted twist to prevent silkworm displacement, silk hair 纰). Finally tiled desktop, with a clean towel lightly sucked excess moisture, put in a cool place to dry. (Mulberry silk has the function of absorbing and blocking UV radiation, so direct sun exposure will make the silk color yellow.)

3, the entire washing process control in 5 minutes to complete, not for a long time immersion. There may be slight discoloration and length shrinkage when washing for the first time, which is the natural characteristic of silk and is a normal phenomenon.

4, mulberry silk ironing time. Opposite silk should be outward, fill the cloth iron, control the temperature 

below 100 ℃. Do not spray water when ironing to prevent the appearance of water affect the appearance.

5, Often wash wash for change: Silk clothing to be promptly washed. Otherwise, the clothing on the dirt, will affect the original luster, and the appearance of speckle phenomenon.