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Scarves Are Concave Summer Style, Standard Scarves, How To Wash Right?

Aug 19, 2017

Scarves are concave summer style, standard scarves, how to wash right?

Scarf concave shape is good, but after that we still have to consider its cleaning problem, after all, if it is silk silk of the truth, the maintenance of the problem or should pay attention to.

Cleaning steps for silk scarves

Fade test

Before cleaning, first of all, the silk scarf to be tested for fading, the specific method is to wear the edge of the scarf less water, and then press white towel. Towels stained with color on the silk scarf will be washed, not washed, and the other does not touch the color is suitable for washing. (this small series will be washable silk scarves cleaning method)

Two steps to wash scarves

1, after the fading test, scarves meet the washing conditions, you can wash at home. Hand washing is the use of neutral detergent, water temperature below 30 degrees Celsius, the detergent dissolved at 30 degrees Celsius in the water.

2, put the scarf neatly folded, and the folding position, put into the water, wash the surface of dirt back and forth scarves. Spread the silk scarves back and forth, rinse them, then fold the silk scarves into 1/8 sizes, and wring them gently. The same way, wash it two times. After the silk scarf is washed, put into the water, add a few drops of vinegar to soak, and keep the color bright.

3. Blot the moisture of the silk scarf. Method: spread out the silk scarves in water and spread them on a towel and roll the towels into a cylindrical shape.

4. Airing scarves. The removal of water after the silk, completely spread out flat on the interior light shade. Note that if it is wrinkled towel, can not be flat drying, twisted to wring, and then knotted drying.

Silk scarf cleaning matters needing attention

1. not too high temperature water cleaning.

2. because the tap water contains more chlorine in the summer, the washing water is used every other day to wash it. Silk clothing material, alkali resistance is poor, should choose weak alkaline washing powder, neutral detergent, soap washing. Coffee, dark gray, black and other dark clothes with soap scrub can not directly, otherwise there will be color flower or produce. The silk scarf can not soak in the washing liquid for a long time, usually soak time to 5, 10 minutes is appropriate, the longest can not exceed 20 minutes, in case of fading.

3, wash to gently rub, not overexert.

4, rinse clean, do not wring dry, can be directly hung, pulled flat shade. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, it is best not to use the washing machine washing and drying.

Other problems of silk scarf cleaning

How to clean the sweat stains scarf?

If there are stains on the scarf, take a bottle to pour water and detergent, and then put the scarf into the bottle, cover the lid, up and down about shaking vigorously, silk stains will soon be removed, and the scarf and will not be damaged. If you have to put it in the scarf, perspiration, cleaning agent, and then dried in the shade.

What about the scarf with cosmetics?

If there is powdery cosmetics on the scarf, you can use your fingers to flick it off in time. Hit the cream like cosmetics, first use paper towels to dry the oil, and then use a handkerchief stained with soap liquid, gently press the dirty place, and finally blot the water with paper towels.

How to remove the grease on the silk scarf?

There are oil stains on the scarf, you can put the talcum powder into a paste, deposited in oil stains, stay for a period of time, remove the talc, and then on the silk pad book paper, with an electric iron is not too hot flat. This way, the grease stains on the scarves are removed.

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