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Plate-making Terminology

Oct 29, 2019

1.Take the line

The contours of the two-color receiving parts are merged into one processing method. That is, the outline of the light-colored pattern and the conventional profile after the dark pattern contour coincidence at the adjacent.

2.Pressure on

Pressure by the pressure is dark color by the small pressure of the color separation method. "Small pressure" in the small to what extent to do imprint, "big borrow" can do what kind of borrowing, according to different patterns are different patterns.

3.Half borrowed

Represents the color adjacent to the line, to the line by half a bit.


To the middle of the two colors for the baseline, the two sides by half.

5. Sub-line

And a method of shrinking the contour lines of the two-color adjoining portions inwardly at a predetermined distance. The purpose is to avoid the adjacent color paste after printing, due to osmosis and produce a third color. The distance between the number of shrinkage depending on the characteristics and requirements of flowers, screen mesh size, printing process and the printed fabric specifications, etc., depending on the situation, sub-line can be divided into large sub-line, sub-line and small sub-line.

6. Anti-sub-line

A method in which the contour lines of the two-color adjoining portions are slightly overlapped. That is, the outline of the light-colored pattern into the conventional shrinkage after the dark pattern within the line 0.38-0.51 (15-20 silk), so that the two colors overlap. This method is used for flower patterning with high precision, but can not be used in the case where the two color patches overlap each other or produce a third color.

7.Cover overprint

That is, a color printed to another color printing method collectively.

8. sister color

Pattern color is the same color. Such as crimson, red, light red and other overprint can play a role in reconcile the color. Patterns in the dark pattern area is large and small, and some smaller in the plate color separation can be used to deal with small pressure. In addition, moire, watercolor, water stains and other patterns can be used overprint (imprint), to reconcile the color, full level of the effect.

9. The same color class

Color and color each other, you can light-colored flowers embedded in the dark pattern, so that each other at the splicing of the color uniformity, pattern color for the same color. Such as green and yellow green, red and orange, orange and yellow, blue and blue and green. For the higher requirements of the flowers can take some more.