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How To Wear The Silk Scarf Properly In The Summer? ①

Mar 27, 2020

The silk scarf is a must-have accessory for almost every lady who loves beauty. They are generally used in the spring and autumn or In windy days. But how to wear this fashion item in summer?

1. The Headdress of Silk Scarf

Make the small square silk scarf to be a bow, or make it to be a hair band or headband, then tie it to the hair. The texture is light and the color is gorgeous. It is very suitable and fashion in summer. 

Several simple matching methods:

1) Mysterious Pirate Style. Use a large square silk scarf to cover the head, and make it into flowers or bows at the same time, then match it with a bikini shoulder strap, it is handsome and capable. 

2) Country Girl Style. You can use two long silk scarves to stitch the braid according to the length and volume of your hair, tie them in the braid, you can just like a pure country girl. 

3) Fresh and Casual Style. Use a small square silk scarf to tie into a bow, and use rubber bands or clips to fix it on the side of the braid or the head. 

4) Cute and Playful Style. Use a long silk scarf with a harder texture to tie a knot in the middle. After opening it, it looks like rabbit ears,you can wear it on your head. It is very cute.

5) Sweet Lady Style. Make a headband with a long silk scarf and tie it to your head.