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How To Wear Scarves(一)

Jan 17, 2018

How to match the first lesson of scarves - [color! pattern! 】

Scarf as the first accessories, the election is not good, a series of tie is clay. why? Mainly defeated in the value of the Yan. Many people like flowers and plants, light-colored, single-view can be, the upper body is very difficult to take. For autumn and winter scarves color to be stable, not not Yan, but to Yan steady.

Junior Edition option is to choose a reliable color with simple flowers. In other words, macarons, girls red, dazzling, colorful candy, these can forget forgotten, not to use such colors + plants, one impatient to see, and secondly, thick atmosphere of spring and summer, not suitable for autumn and winter .

Some people ask whether we can choose a conservative black, not impossible, but too popular, nothing special. Why do you play silk scarf? For special!

Key to, do not want to vegetarian, how to do with the color with elegant match? A little secret is to refuse realism, change the abstract route to the classic large color or geometric patterns based. Here's a few small square for personal use as an example.


Left: Silk square, navy blue, individual will enter the color, the main consideration is that many existing clothes are dark blue, echoes well with. Although the pattern flowers, color pigment, the overall feeling is relatively prime.

In: New York in the metropolitan gift points  back, more color, partial gray, but also above the steady Yan said, with just spread, painting is spread, personally very much.

Right: golden yellow, the classic fight color stripe, the driver should not be too hasty, very practical

Autumn and winter sweaters and more dark-colored coat, heavy weight, scarves with light elements in the mix, in order to coordinate the overall visual can not be too light, such as grass green powder, to the death ride is not good-looking. Suggest choosing natural colors, some recommended colors include khaki, navy blue, brown, warm yellow (not bright yellow), roasted orange, dark green, red and so cool。