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How To Wash Silk Products In Winter

Nov 27, 2019

Do you know you should pay more attention to silk washing in winter than hot days? It is easy to destroy the silk scarf in winter. Here are five points about silk washing:

1.  Detergent selection:

Silk fabrics are generally not suitable for chemical detergents. Do not use alkaline detergents! Alkaline is one of the serious killers of silk, which causes silk to harden, become brittle, yellow, and fade!

2. Scrubbing method:

Silk fabrics are very precious and fragile. so it cannot use machine wash, When washing at home, they must be washed by hand and cannot be rubbed with force.

3. Water temperature:

High water temperature is the second killer of silk fabrics, so when washing, Be sure to use cold water at normal temperatures, which is under 30 degrees Celsius and can not be soaked for a long time! Otherwise, it will cause yellowing or discoloration of the silk. 

4. The wonderful use of vinegar:

As mentioned earlier, alkali is the number one killer of silk, while acidity can protect silk well. In the final cleaning, if a small amount of vinegar is added to the water (usually a small spoon), not only can prevent silk Hardening, but also curing dyes. Generally, silk is print with acid inks, so the vinegar can make clothes brighter!


Silk has poor light resistance. Absorption of ultraviolet rays for a long time can cause yellowing and hardening for silk products. Therefore when drying, you must avoid direct light, and place your clothes in the cool place with the opposite side facing out. And iron with a low-temperature iron to keep the clothes shiny and durable.