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How To Clean Bedding? Part 2

Apr 17, 2020

How to Clean Bedding?

3. Store it in correct place

When storing, please clean it thoroughly, dry it thoroughly, fold neatly, and put in a certain amount of camphor pills (not in direct contact with the product). It should be placed in a dark place with low humidity and good ventilation. Long-term unused products can be dried in the sun to make them fluffy before re-use .


4. Special Notes

(1) When washing linen products, do not rub or twist them hard, because the fiber is brittle and easily fluff, which affects the appearance and service life.

(2) When storing cotton and hemp products, it is necessary to keep the environment clean and prevent mildew. Light and dark products should be stored separately to prevent yellowing.

(3) Silk fabric products can not be put in camphor pill or camphor wood box, otherwise it will turn yellow, such as silk bedclothes, silk pillowcase.

(4) Except for single hole fiber pillow, others can be washed, but due to its thickness, it must be fully dried to ensure that it will not affect the reuse. At ordinary times, it's best to use pillowcases to avoid the trouble of washing.

In addition to the quality of the bedding, the feel of the bedding is also affected by the way of washing. The above are just common tips. The specific cleaning should still depend on the bedding. In addition, for some bed products that are inconvenient to clean, it is necessary to sun and ventilate them. From the details to maintain the quality of the bedding, it can be extended the useful life.