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Hangzhou Silk Culture

Jan 30, 2019

  Silk originated in China, as early as the yellow emperor period. Hangzhou having been one of the major hubs for silk production for centuries, silk runs through the lifeblood of Hangzhou, and you can find a place to buy it on every street corner. 

  Generally , there are 14 different types of silk. For instance, Chou is most common silk; thin and soft, it’s often made into scarves, dresses, blouses, or night gowns.Duan is a little bit thicker. It's smooth if you stroke it from the right direction, and this is because during weaving, one of the crossed threads is always on top. Elegant Twill, fantastic Satin, thin and soft Silk Chiffon and Georgette all are high quality and smooth texture.

  When you come to Hangzhou, you will see a slogan on Hangzhou Railway Station ”Travel all the way to Hangzhou, half for the West Lake, half for the silk.” If you go to Hangzhou come back with some specialities, silk of some sort may be the best choice.