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Hangzhou HuaCui Yuan Silk Scarf

Oct 18, 2016

On a paradise, under the Suzhou-Hangzhou.

Matsushita Hill face thousands of overlap, a point on the heart of a wave of beads.


China's silk is a mosaic of the West Lake in a bright pearl.

She is not only good at the beautiful beauty of the landscape, Lin He deep wins, but also with a rich cultural meaning , financial and natural resources which, the exchange of historical and artistic in one.


Delicate, Smart, intimate, emotional, with such a concept of the century show the style of women;

Classical, modern, thick, elegant, with such a concept of integration of urban woman's taste;

Elegant, aesthetic, art, culture, with such a connotation of the interpretation of the modern woman's fashion.


One party to support water and soil, coupled with the silk quintessential silk womanit is glamorous beyond words.

Water to do a woman, you can not diamond jewelry, but not without a party can be a scarf, silk scarves Watson one side!


Failed to throw Hangzhou, half of the hook is this lake. This is Bai's chant.

Today, let us cherish a dream, but also because the silk thread of Hangzhou Huacui yuan silk!