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Flexible With Scarves, So You Increase The Charm Of More Than A Little Bit

Feb 16, 2018

Those who always surround the neck of the silk scarf, although adding a few colors to the clothing, but boring, because it is too commonplace. But when the silk scarves are made into belts, headdresses, bras, skirts and even bags, they can even be pinched into a bow! Both fashion and fun!

With a: a silk scarf hat

Like a Hollywood movie star, the hair is completely wrapped into a scarf, revealing a few bangs, in the hot summer, both sunscreen and elegant look special.

With two: decorative bags

With colorful silk scarf wrapped living in elegant hand bag handle, sinking atmosphere immediately with a clever color. Silk scarf fold, from the beginning with the package, winding back and forth, until the other end of the Baotou then hit the bow.

With three: made of bow

Season's popular bow, gorgeous but not practical. Silk scarves can be of great use here. Simply a simple bow into a large, or around the shape of a rose, do not collar in the chest or ring in the package.

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