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Fashion Trends Of 2020

Mar 02, 2020

From the disparate array of colours, and references that spanned decades of literature, previous sartorial eras and genres, it was clear that fashion designers hadn’t spent the last six months simply fluffing the drapes.

The cacophony of new – and, we'll admit, sometimes confusing – trends seemed to mirror the chaos of the daily news. Old and new powers coexisting as stiff, awkward bedfellows.

In 2019, we experienced a range of jarring moments on the world's main stage: the gilets jaunes protests on the Paris streets for economic justice, Extinction Rebellion marched for climate rights, Tristan Thompson got caught kissing Jordan Woods, the British Conservatives came back to power and Trump was impeached. And as we head into 2020, no more settled politically, socially and culturally, fashion has taken advantage of the disunity.

1. The Monster Mash

2. Go For Glamour

3. Creature Comforts

4. Cyber Girl

5. Fuzzy Friends

6. Uptown Polish

7. Hotline Bling