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Classification Of Bedding Clothes

Apr 10, 2020

Classification of Bedding Clothes

There are mainly four types of bedding clothes in our home. First of all, it is the cover type which includes silk quilt cover, bedspread and bedspread. Secondly, the Pillow type is also an important member of the bedding clothes family. Initially, taking the silk material for example, it can be divided into silk pillow case and silk pillow core. Pillow cover can be divided into short pillow case, long pillow case and square pillow case. Pillow core can be divided into four holes fiber pillow, square pillow, kapok pillow, magnetic pillow, latex pillow, chrysanthemum pillow, buckwheat pillow, cassia seed pillow, etc.

Then it is the bedding quilt which often is divided into seven holes quilt, four holes quilt, air-conditioned quilt, and protective pad quilt. The reason why there are many types of quilt is that the quilt keeps us warm during the sleeping. And the quilt has many functions such as decoration for the room. Usually, the cover for quilt made by silk is much better than cotton, because the silk material touches much softer.

Commonly speaking, the kit usually have four piece set, five piece set, six piece set, seven piece set. But most important components for the sets are silk pillow cover, the covers for quilts or sometimes for cushions. Those covers are made by silk for most of the cases in the summer. As mention before the softer touching feelings play an important role for this situation.


Apart from the bedding clothes, recently there are more and more so-called bedding clothes come out for the white-collar middle working class in the office. The well-known piece is the eye mask especially made by silk. This silk eye mask can provide a perfect nap during the daytime after those young ladies or gentlemen had their lunch. Why silk? From the previous introduction, you certainly know the reason.