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Advantages Of Pure Silk Products

Oct 31, 2019

Silk products are becoming widely known to the general public. As a representative of comfort and health, silk has become a choice of more and more people.

Silk can be divided into silk and tussah silk.

Mulberry silk: refers to the silk that the silkworm feed on the mulberry leaves. 

Tussah silk: refers to the silk that the wild silkworm feeds on a tree leaves. W

Mulberry silk is a natural animal protein fiber, which is close to human skin protein and has excellent biocompatibility.

 Therefore, silk has a very good skin-friendly effect. It has good moisture absorption. , breathable, warm and other characteristics.

The pure mulberry silk fiber is soft, smooth and comfortable.

Compared with mulberry silk, tussah silk is relatively rough, the silk is relatively hard, and the hand feels relatively rough.