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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Silk Velvet

Jul 06, 2015

Different from traditional Silk single knit, silk cashmere scarf with 100% quality natural three-dimensional weave pure silk, warm and good. Napping is known as "the body's second skin" scarf surface has ventilation holes, similar to human skin tissue, micro-climate for human requirements and is very soft, so very comfortable enclosed, not like the texture of cashmere, wool scarf tie neck problems, and warmth, moisture and health. Popular as brushed silk scarf, appeared on the market at the moment a lot of the "brushed" name without the "silk" of solid scarf, experts, you can see and touch to identify the authenticity and quality of brushed silk scarf. Select natural high quality brush made of pure silk scarves, silk soft luster does not glare, gloss and chemical fiber fabrics are not soft, bright and dazzling high quality soft brushed silk scarf, close to the skin smooth and comfortable. For consumers, the most straightforward method is to use fire. If silk as raw material, burning smell, it is difficult to continue burning and self-extinguishing, ashes in powder form. Chemical fiber products are oil refining, burnt bulb, while the smell of burning without protein. Burns is similar to silk cashmere, just naked eye can distinguish between