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3 Fashion Ways To Wear Silk Scarf

Feb 12, 2019

First, Make It Into a Bow

Skip the statement necklace and let your scarf become the centerpiece of your outfit. Wrap the scarf twice around your neck then it knot into a pretty bow that sits right below your chin. The look kind of resembles a pussycat blouse.


Second, Tie It Around Your Wrist

Tying a silk scarf around your wrist or even around the wristband of your watch is an effortless way to highlight the accessory. It's more unexpected than a bracelet or, a hair tie. If you're worried the scarf is too long, loop it a few times around your wrist then knot tightly to create a bow that hangs off to the side.


Third, Wear It as a Shirt

To pull off this look, you'll need a large scarves. (120*120cm or 140*140 cm)  In order to make the whole thing stay up, wrap around your waist and knot each corner of the scarf together. Since your makeshift top will likely be cropped, wear high-waisted bottoms if you don't want to feel too exposed.