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Why the total flight attendant's neck tied with scarves?

Feb 22, 2018

Scarf as a woman's decorations, not only as accessories, but also as a sunscreen shirt, its function can be said to be very powerful. But did you find out by plane? The flight attendant must work out with a scarf outside the uniform, but do you know why they wear a silk scarf? Is it just because of beauty?

1.etiquette role

Uniforms without collar, if there is no scarf, suddenly from the head to the shoulder will make this part of the neck in the visual sense there will be a sudden feeling. By plane, is a very typical public place. As a flight attendant, is the dominant in this occasion, the main role, scarves wear is particularly important. Wear silk scarves, but also highlight the wisdom of women and self-cultivation. Wear just right to enhance the image.

2.adjust the color effect

In a closed narrow plane, the color-rich ribbon hit a slightly heavier uniform, adjusting well the sense of seriousness in a full set of uniforms that will make the visitor visually fresh and happy. Scarf color is a bright color, to bring the spirit of the whole person, which is particularly important for the service industry.

3. first aid

In case of emergency, scarves can act as bandages and bandages.

4. cover neck color

Make-up sisters are aware of the color difference between the neck and face if it would be more embarrassing, the role of scarves is to alleviate this embarrassment.


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