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What is the protein fiber of silkworm chrysalis?

May 10, 2018

The protein fiber of silkworm chrysalis is a new type of protein fiber.

The protein fiber of silkworm chrysalis is a new kind of biomass protein fiber with stable skin core structure, which combines biological engineering technology, chemical fiber spinning technology and high polymer technology to blend the proteins extracted from silkworm pupae and natural cellulose in proportion.

Its excellent animal protein is concentrated on the surface of the fiber, forming the fiber cortex, and the natural plant fiber is in the inner layer, forming the core layer of the fiber. Its main components are silkworm chrysalis protein and natural cellulose (cotton, wood, bamboo, etc.), its composition is generally 10%--40% silkworm chrysalis protein, 90%--60% natural cellulose.

Theoretically, all silkworm pupae can be extracted from the silkworm pupa protein and natural cellulose, but it is easier to realize the silkworm pupae from the point of view of industrialization, while other silkworm pupae, such as tussah, castor silkworm, cassava silkworm, and so on, can also be done, but it has not yet been found. Products come out

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