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The processes of a silk scarf

Dec 16, 2019

As we all know, silk scarf is luxury and precious, which is made of 100% natural mulberry, silk fabric, smooth and soft, a gentle touch to your skin.

Then how processes need for a silk scarf?

  1. Coating: fabrics will be coated before printing to ensure the color can be printed.

   2. Color toning: before printing, our technicians will tone the color closest to your artworks.

   3. Printing: there are digital printing and screen printing, it depends on your requirements.

   4. Steaming: steaming after printing to ensure the colors will be more vivid.

   5. Washing: To make sure the colorfastness, we will machine washing the printed silk fabric to remove the redundant inks.

  6. Hemming: There are wide selections of hemming, like hand rolled hem, machine hem, fringe etc.

  7. Ironing: Ironing comes after hemming, which keeps scarves in a neatly and flat way.

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