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The Differences of Blend Silk Fabric&Interweave Silk Fabric

Dec 10, 2019

There are three main types of silk fabrics, one is 100% silk. The other two types are not 100% silk, one is blended silk fabric and the other is interwoven silk fabric.

As we all know, pure silk fabric is precious and expensive. To reduce the cost of silk, some of the ingredients are changed to other cheap ones. The other season is that there are some problems with pure silk fabric itself, such as easy to wrinkle and easy to break, adding So people add some other ingredients to solve these problems.

What is the differences between these two different methods?

 Interlacing means that there is only one component in the yarn, but the fabric is composed of 2 different yarns. This is interwoven. Such as silk cotton fabric

Blended is a yarn with 2 or more components. The common blend now is generally about 50% silk + 50% other components.