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How to maintain the scarf

Feb 16, 2018

How to maintain the scarf

Although the United States scarves, but also very delicate. If you have a beloved silk scarf, you not only need to know how to wear it, but also need to know how to care for it and extend the time it takes to keep it bright and beautiful. Scarf is different from the general clothing, the wrong cleaning and cleaning methods are often very easy to damage the scarf, if you love it, carefully care for it. Xiao Bian today to share with you some scarves washing and maintenance of knowledge, so that fashion and charm can be extended.


Although a lot of scarves show that the washing instructions, the best way to deal with dry cleaning, but if the correct way of washing, most of the scarves can be washed at home. The essentials is selected for the quality of scarves detergent, and the appropriate water temperature, prior confirmation will fade, and then carefully handled in accordance with the following ways:

(1) Selection of non-fluorescent neutral detergent.

(2) to 20 degrees Celsius wash with warm water. Cleaning water to maintain a certain temperature, the first detergent completely dissolved in warm water about 20 degrees Celsius backup.

(3) Be sure to do fade test first. Apply a little water to the edge or inconspicuous area of the scarf, then press with a white towel. If there is fading, do not wash.

(4) quickly rinse after folding. Will be neatly folded scarf, and then fold the hand fixed, quickly into the water, back and forth shaking rinse surface dirt.

(5) wrung out in a folded state, spread out and rinsed again. Change clean warm water, repeat steps (4) twice.

(6) The scarves spread out, tiled on the towel, rolled up along the edge of the cylinder, in order to fully dry the water.

(7) on dry well-ventilated place. Remove the water, the scarves completely spread, hanging on the hanger, placed in the room without the sun at the dry (due to the silk cloth exposed to sunlight, easy to fade, pay special attention).


Do not store the scarves in damp, unventilated or direct sunlight, so as not to cause scarlet stains and discoloration. Avoid collection of desiccant, cosmetics, perfume and other chemical agents directly on the scarf, and be careful not to let the scarf direct access to insecticide. If you accidentally dip, should be promptly cleaned, otherwise easily lead to dark yellow scarves. When the collection can be folded flat silk scarves placed in the drawer, you can also hang on a smooth hanger.


Scarf texture thin, no matter what material texture, are taboo to use high-temperature ironing, or will have the traces of ironing, and then lose the original bright luster, resulting in irreparable damage. If you really need ironing, it can only be the opposite of the scarf, pad cotton ironing, and the time should not be too long, it is not appropriate to iron directly on the scarf in the ironing, otherwise it will produce water marks, loss of the original Beauty.


Soak it with cool water for 90 minutes or so, then hang it in the cool and dry place directly; place a piece of cotton pad on the reverse side of the scarf, and then iron ironing to restore smooth and bright shape; with steam blowing hot, the effect is also Not bad

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