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Four main points of Fashion Scarf collocation

May 10, 2018

Scarves with four main points:

1, see the use of scarf material:

Wool is more suitable for knitted sweater, cotton scarf is suitable for cotton clothing, thickness and weight ratio will not be too strange. Some thinner materials such as Chiffon gauze should also choose soft materials.

2, look at the pattern of scarf flower type:

Some scarves are a part of the design. To see clearly the direction of the scarf on the map, you can achieve the desired effect without too much trouble, highlighting the characteristics of the scarf.

3. Look at the color of the clothes

If scarves and clothes are contrasted, they can make people visually brighten. A plain scarf is suitable for a little bit of clothing.

4. Look at the hairstyle

Short hair or hair pull up, the scarf can be used as a visual focus, but long hair is recommended to simply around.

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