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Department of the Department of scarves handbook and application occasions

Jan 12, 2018

Department of silk scarves handbook and applications:

1.Mature and elegant bar knot

The long strip of scarf folded into the appropriate width, tight in the neck a loose tight around the circle, the tail cross knot, adjust the tightness to achieve natural results. This is the best method of concise without losing the beautiful.

Application occasions: Business informal gathering

2. Quiet and beautiful bow

The season's popular small square diagonal folded into triangles, exposing the shoulders on both sides of the corner, and then hit a bow in the chest, expand the flower shape, the knot slightly hidden. If you want to use a beautiful scarf buckle for the embellishment, you should use a long scarf, looks like a butterfly dancing far away, even more collar lower body play a subtle complement.

Application: Appointments and Informal Party

3. Passionate Baotou knot

Fold the scarf into the big triangle, wrap the head and part of the forehead, cross the knot in the back of the neck knot, again after cross-fasten, finishing shape, so naturally with the sagging hair ribbon.

Application occasions: holiday and festivals Party

4. charming sultry knot

Will be a magnificent breathtaking square diagonal fold, flat chest around the back, loose tail knot, carefully finishing the required shape. It should be noted that take the chest before the silk scarf should be appropriate to be able to insert a palm for the best condition, the color can not be too bright, fabric, texture to be soft, fluffy. This section with a solid color sweater, slim trousers, to avoid complicated jewelry, immediately presented to the elegant feminine feminine atmosphere.

Applications: Formal dinner and large reception

5. Winding lightly wrapped Liangshan shirt

In addition to the scarf gently wound between the achievements of a very soft halter top, the national style of the scarf is best used to DIY into a knee-length dress, two scarves of the same color first left and right were tied in the waist Between, after the staggered point dyed the effect of static and dynamic.

Application: dinner and reception