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Common Silk Fabrics You Need to Know-1

Feb 12, 2020

Different woven ways and different faric component creat about 20 kinds of silk fabrics to make silk scarf. Many consumers are confused about different silk fabric scarves. We will introfuce several popular and common silk fabric in our daily life. Let's start´╝ü

Mulberry silk

Mulberry silk is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids and protein, it is the natural animal protein fiber, Which is  originated in China. Woven the silk yarn to silk fabric ,which is  smooth soft, lightweight and breathable. have the feeling of winter warm summer cool, the human body has a very good nutrition to prevent ageing. 

As it known to all, pure mulberry silk is precious, so how to distinguish real silk? The most easiest way is burning.  Draw out a silk yarn from your silk product carefully and burn it.  Firstly, it will curl into a ball with a similar smell of burning human hair or bird feather. Then,  after burn into globular, it will be broken in powder when you touch it. Finally, when leaving the flame, it stops burning immediately.


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