Winter Silk Pajamas

Winter Silk Pajamas

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Winter Silk Pajamas

Item NameWinter Silk Pajamas
Origin of Goods:MADE IN CHINA
Size:S M L XL
Fabric:19 mm Silk Satin
Colors:As Photo Shown,If Need New Colors,Please Contact With Our Sales
Sleeve:Have Sleeve
Front:Front Open
MOQ:1/pcs Custom 50 pieces
Packing:1pp Bag/PC

Pictures Of Long Winter Silk Pajamas

Winter Silk Pajamas

Custom Silk Pajamas

Women Silk Pajamas


1.15 Years Experience

Through 15 years factory for sleepwear, robes and onesies. 10th years gold supplier on alibaba, our teams have been specializing in pattern design, construction, costing, sampling, production, merchandising and delivery.

2.Quality guarantee
We have quality control technicians based in our factories to oversee the manufacturing process and ensure that compliance standards are upheld.

3.24-hour service

We provide work in progress time and action reports to ensure that all production details are continually monitored. In the view of our excellent products and services,more and more buyers around the world are establishing business relationship with us.

women 100% silk pajamas

Advantages of silk pajamas

We have learned that there are four categories of silk pajamas. But do you know what makes silk pajamas different from ordinary pajamas? The biggest difference is the word "silk". The texture of pajamas is soft and comfortable to wear, which is not only good for falling asleep, but also good for sleeping. People must carry germs in the communication of work, life and study. And sleeping in pajamas can solve the problem of cross infection.

Silk has a unique health-care function. Silk fiber contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, which are almost the same as the amino acids contained in human skin. Therefore, it is also called "second skin" of human beings. At the same time, tryptophan and tyrosine in silk protein can absorb ultraviolet rays, prevent ultraviolet radiation, enhance the vitality of skin cells on the body surface, promote the metabolism of skin cells, and have a good adjuvant treatment effect on certain skin diseases. In addition, silk fiber has low thermal denaturation and is relatively heat-resistant. Its burning temperature is 300 ~ 400 ℃, which is a flame-resistant fiber and plays a very high flame retardant effect. Therefore, it is the best choice to use silk as a home decoration.

winter silk pajamas

Packaging & Shipping

One piece one OPP bag,and 10 pieces in a bundle. There is only one size and one color in every bundle usually.

Courier: Air express is fast, but more expensive. Delivery time is 3-9 days to USA, by DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.

Silk Printing Sleeves

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