Thin Twill Vintage Silk Neck Scarf

We are manufacture of digital printing custom silk scarf with professional working team. Quality control is the most important thing for us. Hope you become one of our distinguished customers.

Product Details

Thin Twill Vintage Silk Neck Scarf

Made from silk cashmere blend fabric with twill weaving.

This scarf has a soft hand feel. Thin and breathable fabric for Spring and autumn, even in summer,

it features the colorful colors design. Easy to style. it's perfect to wear.

2.Material: Silk cashmere blend

3.Printing´╝ÜScreen Printing

4.Hemming:hand rolled hem

Pictures of Thin Twill Vintage Silk Neck Scarf

Thin Twill Vintage Silk Neck Scarf

Thin Twill Vintage Silk Neck Scarf-1

Thin Twill Vintage Silk Neck Scarf-2

Care Introduction

Avoid contact with oil, water and other chemicals, dry clean only.

Preserve silk scarves by storing them flat and tied well.

Silk scarf are made with carefully selected materials. it is precious, Please handle with care for longer product life .

Thin Twill Vintage Silk Neck Scarf-3

Our Service:

1. We offer customers the best price according to quality.

2. If you find any quality problem, we'll make it done until you feel satisfied with it.

After-Sales Service: Everybody deserves a 5-star experience. We do our best to make it right.

Other services: custom gift box, label, booklets and swing tag, etc.

Twill Silk Designer Scarves

Thin Twill Vintage Silk Neck Scarf-4

Shipping way:

Silk Scarf For Lady 10

Silk Scarf For Lady 11

Benefits Of Wear A Pure Silk Scarf

1) Wear a silk scarf not only can being astonishingly beautiful, but also help keep your skin HYDRATED.  Silk keeps moisture close to your skin and, thus, adds to keeping your skin moist and supple.

2) Silk is ABSORBANT.  Because of its ability to wick moisture, silk can absorb 30% of its own weight in water before it starts to feel damp.

3) Silk is suit for all seasons. Silk can be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Though it is shear, the moisture effect mentioned above keeps a warm moist layer of air against the body.  In the heat, silk's moisture wicking qualities help you keep cool.


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