Thin Silk Habotai Scarf

Thin Silk Habotai Scarf

Product Details

Thin Silk Habotai Scarf

1. Dry clean or hand wash;

2. Style Of Length: Square;

3. Product process: digital printing ,Hand rolled edge;

4. Smooth and soft with great silky hand feel; Sensual and free-flowing;

5. Affordable daily luxury; Good for any season;

Pictures of Thin Silk Habotai Scarf

Thin Silk Habotai Scarf

Silk Habotai Scarf

Custom Silk Scarf

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Custom you scarf:

>If you have your own design, we will check your artwork to make sure it meets our manufacturing requirements.

>If you don't have your own design, please tell your requirements, You can also send your favorite patterns and our designer will creat the design until you are 100% satisfied.

Women Scarf

Package & Shipment:

 Usually: Express Delivery(DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT) or By Air.


The advantages of silk

Sound absorption, vacuuming, and flame retardant. Silk fabrics have a high void ratio and thus have good sound absorbing and air absorbing properties, so they can be used for interior decoration in addition to clothing. Because silk has moisture absorption, moisture release performance, moisture retention, air permeability and porosity, it can also adjust indoor temperature and humidity. What's more, it can absorb harmful gases, dust and microorganisms.

Hot Tags: thin silk habotai scarf, China, manufacturer, supplier, factory

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