Square Head Scarf

>This scarf is made from gorgeous silk 100% natural silk with handmade screen printing flower patterns. You will get rich intense colors due to our traditional print by hand. >Silk satin fabric has a soft texture that feels lovely on the skin and adds a touch of feminine sophistication to any outfit.

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Designer Silk Head Scarf

>This scarf is made from gorgeous silk 100% natural silk with handmade screen printing patterns. 

You will get rich intense colors due to our traditional print by hand.

>Silk twill fabric has a soft and sheer texture and adds a touch of feminine sophistication to any outfit. 

Square Head Scarf

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Mulberry silk is a natural animal protein fiber, which is close to human skin protein and has excellent biocompatibility.

Therefore, silk has a very good skin-friendly effect. It has good moisture absorption. , breathable, warm and other characteristics.


Our Printing Craft:

We have two different ways to print: digital printing and hand screen printing (same printing way like Hermes). What is the general difference?

Colors quantity

Bulk MOQ


Production Time


Screen Printing

limited (general<15)

≥100 pieces


A little long

A little cheaper

Digital Printing

No limit




A little higher

screen print silk scarves

women scarves

Our Certificates:

hand rolled silk scarves


By Air

By Sea

By Express

4~10 Days

20~45 Days

3~8 Days

To your nearest airport(international)

To your nearest seaport

To your door

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How to preserve a pure silk scarf?

>>>Avoiding excessive moisture and light exposure is the most basic common sense of scarves preservation.

>>>In addition, it would be better to fold carefully when putting on the wardrobe, do not wrinkle. The silk scarf can be stored in a special hanger, put a cloth on the hanger before hanging the silk scarves.

>>>For large-size silk scarves can be directly draped in a triangle shape and draped on a hanger to prevent wrin

Hot Tags: square head scarf, China, manufacturer, supplier, factory

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