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Scarves In Different Seasons Of Purchase

Jan 15, 2018

Due to the production of materials, weaving methods and types of thread vary, patterns are also different, and finally presented in front of us scarves, in the sense there are also very different. Different feel, texture, weight and visual tension, make the scarf to wear on the body produce different effects, such as silk gorgeous, rustic cotton, linen fresh, blended chic ... ..., scarves of different materials, but also There are different ways of maintenance.

Spring - silk

In the recovery of all things, full of vitality in the spring, Jacqueline often choose silk as the best interpretation of their natural romantic temperament props. Silk scarves are the most commonly used material. Scarves made with this material not only radiate a glamorous luster, but also have natural folds that look natural and beautiful. To wear such a scarf to attend formal occasions, then appropriate, graceful scarves hanging in the chest, steady but there is no lack of style, glamorous but not frivolous, quietly revealing your tenderness.

Natural fibers of silk, dry and windy in the spring for you to remove the static electricity troubles, but also has good insulation and flexibility. In addition, its soft care, make it in the shape of a variety of shapes did not make any work, I believe we will be your preference. Although this scarf can also be cleaned at home, but you love scarves, it is best to send it to a professional laundry. In addition, when stored, do not forget the characteristics of silk scarves are easy to moth-eaten, we must put insecticide.

Summer - Ma

Every summer, linen scarves became Jacqueline's most pleasant choice, no more than the linen scarves revealed her noble refined temperament. This material scarf feels refreshing to wear, and any summer with very relaxed and comfortable. If you happen to be a long-term in the air-conditioned environment OL, then a linen scarf for you more like a "fashion bodyguard," beautiful, but also against the air conditioning damage to the neck and shoulder.

Linen scarf easy to wrinkle, but it is also its casual, natural folds, but also reflects the wearer romantic aristocratic customs. When storing, should gently fold the scarf, not by the weight of the pressure, so there will be no can not heal the dead fold.

Autumn - cotton

Fall in the cool breeze, cotton scarves Jacqueline is the most intimate and comfortable choice. Cotton scarves can help you not only to sever autumn wind, its lightweight fabric will not hide your charm under the heavy material. Such characteristics for the cotton scarf to create a casual style show stage. Therefore, whether it is to go out to play or friends together, a cotton scarf is your good choice.

It should be noted that the cotton scarf dyed with the herb dye fade during cleaning, so do not shuffle with other clothes to avoid being dyed.

Winter - Pashmina

How to do in the cold winter beautiful frozen people do? Jacqueline's choice is a noble Pashmina scarf.

Pashmina is a Persian-inspired wool whose level is more advanced than Cashmere, which we often hear, and thus softer, with eight times as much warmth as a normal wool scarf. Pashmina is the weakest, softer and warmer wool in the world. It is derived from the Capra Hircus, a Himalayan mountain that grows above 4,500 meters above sea level, especially from the sheep's shoulders and abdomen, . After cleaning, the wool should be hand-thinned to almost transparent yarn, and then 30% silk as weft, 70% of Pashmina yarn as warp, hand-woven into a shawl, and then bleached and dyed . If you add the inlaid pattern, making a shawl even take one year. Pashmina shawl made of lightweight and elegant, easy to carry, can be called the most expensive fashion bodyguards, so that women's elegance, as natural as the cold winter.

Precious Pashmina scarves should be kept clean when worn. Soft hair brush can be used along the hair direction gently brush, you can remove the dust, to prevent the lurking of borers, plush Shun volts. If stained with stains should be promptly washed. Please pay attention to blackout when storage, to prevent fading.

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