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How Autumn And Winter With Scarves Look Good?

Jan 31, 2018

As early as the 16th and 17th centuries, aristocrats and high society began to use scarves as accessories. To the 20th century is a feminine thing in the workplace, Audrey Hepburn is a typical representative. Fashion blown and blowing, scarves always occupy the trend, still hot ~ especially in the autumn began to cool, many bloggers have taken off the necklace, rely on it to concave shape.

Autumn and winter with how it can be less


This scarf neck neat but real tide ~ especially now the autumn began to cool, a lot of bloggers go out to remove the necklace, rely on it to concave shape.


Scarves early popular, is an elegant symbol

Anyway, the trend of scarves is not one or two days, it has already appeared in the 16th and 17th centuries. Silk scarves reflect the elegant, the beginning is only the aristocracy and upper-class people's accessories.


Until the 20th century, it began to swept the streets, into the workplace. Like wearing a scarf Audrey Hepburn, is a typical representative of the times, a scarf tied to the neck, sweet and generous ~


At that time, scarves were still popular in the head, instead of the hat (in other words, can it save the cake face if it is wrapped up?)


Slowly, also started with a large scarf and shawl.


Fashion wind around, silk scarf has occupied the trend of upper hand, it is still as always, hot ~


Show field has its shadow, fashion people often use it with, take a look at how you can choose scarves ~

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