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Spring with a scarf

Jan 31, 2018

Spring with a scarf!!!

Spring took off a thick scarf, do not think the neck a bit empty? In addition to some necklace embellishment, you can also choose a thin silk scarf. If you are a graceful party, you can wear a scarf with a similar color of the clothes, but if you are a liberal party, you may wish to choose a bright color scarves to help you light the shape!


Street beat people love the way to take - shirt + scarf

Look at the street beat can be found, whether street beat people or fashion icon, like to use a scarf to match the shirt. Usually want to open a button joking sexy, but the empty neck seems modeling is not so good-looking, this time, fasten a light-colored scarf to match the solid color shirt is the best! Even buttoned buttons You can choose to wear silk scarves to enrich the shape Oh!


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