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Select scarf face rule

Jan 12, 2018

Select scarf face ruleļ¼š

Round face

Face more plump people, in order to make the face contour looks fresh and weight loss, the key is to hang part of the scarf as far as possible, emphasizing the sense of longitudinal, and pay attention to maintain the integrity of the vertical lines from head to toe, try not to Interrupted.

Department of flowers, choose those suitable for personal dress style knot, such as diamond knot, diamond flower, rose, heart-shaped knot, cross knot, etc., to avoid overlap in the neck around the system, excessive horizontal and the level of texture is too strong The flower knot.

Long face

The horizontal system that expands from left to right can show the hazy, flowing sense of the collar and weaken the longer feeling of the face. Such as lily knot, necklace knot, double knot, etc., In addition, the scarf can also be turned into a slightly thick rod, the Department tied bow-shaped, do not get too tight, try to scarf naturally drooping, rendering Obscure feeling.

Inverted triangle face

From the forehead to the jaw, the width of the face is gradually narrowing down the face of the inverted triangle people, giving a harsh impression and facial monotonous feeling. At this point can be used to make the neck full of layers of scarves, to a luxurious tie style, there will be good results. Such as leaves with a rose knot, necklace knot, blue and white knot.

Pay attention to reduce the number of scarves around the drooping triangle to be as natural as possible, to avoid too tight around the department, and pay attention to the horizontal sense of floral horizontal.

Square face

Wide cheeks, forehead, jaw width and face length of the same four-sided face, easy to give people the feeling of lackluster. Department of scarves try to be clean around the neck of the neighbors, and in the chest play some strong sense of the level of floral, matched with simple lines of the coat, interpretation of noble temperament.

Scarf flower type can choose basic flowers, nine character knot, long towel rose knot.


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