Double Face Horses Silk Twill Scarves

12mm Double Face Horses Silk Twill Scarves, the pattern is visible with high permeability.Lucurious color makes wearers more attractive.

Product Details

Double Face Horses Silk Twill Scarves

These beautifully custom printed scarves are light, airy and silky to the touch. Different horses are printed in every check to show more notable to the host.

1 : Size110*110CM    Can Make Any Size
2 :Fabric /Material 100 %Silk Woven
3: Price12-15$
4: MOQ30  Pcs/Color 
8 :ColorYellow
9 :Mass Order Time25-30 days
10: Printingdigital print  
11: Label Can sewn Custom Logo Label 

Double Face Horses Silk Twill Scarves-2

Double Face Horses Silk Twill Scarves-3

Double Face Horses Silk Twill Scarves-4

Custom your style:


The choice depends on the fabric, we offer the hem style that best suits each silk type.

· Twill, satin, crepe silk: rolled by hand, machine-hemmed imitation hand rolled for the open scarves. Machine hem for double-sided scarves.

· Habotai 8MM: machine-hemmed or rolled by hand for the open scarves. No double-sided scarves.




50*50, 60*60, 90*90,110*110,135*135.

Size (inch):

20*20,24*24, 36*36, 44*44, 53*53.

Size (cm):

55*170,  65*180,  65*200,  70*190....

Size (inch):

21*70,  25*70,  25*79,  27.5*75....




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