Charmeuse Silk Pajama

Charmeuse Silk Pajama

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Charmeuse Silk Pajama

Item NameCharmeuse Silk Pajama
Origin of Goods:MADE IN CHINA
Size:S M L XL
Fabric:16 / 19 mm Silk Satin
Colors:As Photo Shown,If Need New Colors,Please Contact With Our Sales
Sleeve:No Sleeve
Front:Front Open
MOQ:1/pcs Custom 50 pieces
Packing:1pp Bag/PC

Pictures Of Charmeuse Silk Pajama

Charmeuse Silk Pajama

sleeping wearing silk

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About Us

As a well-known scarf printing factory in Hangzhou (A world-famous silk city ), we expanded overseas markets in 2005. In the past 13 years, we have won more than 800 foreign customers, including some long-term cooperation customer below.

Our services include:personalized custom silk scarves,neckties, box bow, silk fabrics, and wholesale stock on hand. We may custom brand labels, washing labels and custom packing boxes if need.

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The Matters Need Attention about Pajamas

Too Thick Pajamas

Some pajamas are thick, furry and look warm, but they increase friction with the bed and quilt, are detrimental to the flip of the body, hinder muscle relaxation and adjustment of sleeping posture.

Pajamas of Chemical Fiber Fabrics

Chemical fiber, wool fabric is easy to cause static electricity, and these fabrics directly contact with the skin will stimulate the skin, resulting in decreased immunity and neurological disorders. Besides, they do not absorb sweat, which is not conducive to the regulation of body temperature during sleep. It is best to choose pure cotton pajamas or silk pajamas, these fabric is soft, breathable, strong hygroscopicity, can absorb sweat on the skin. Cotton clothing is less irritating to the skin and does not cause allergies and itching. Silk is a protein fiber, which has the function of skin care and health care. The silk pajamas have good heat insulating characteristic, hygroscopicity and air permeability.

Silk Pajama

Packaging & Shipping

One piece one OPP bag,and 10 pieces in a bundle. There is only one size and one color in every bundle usually.

Courier: Air express is fast, but more expensive. Delivery time is 3-9 days to USA, by DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.

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Payment Type

Charmeuse Silk Pajama

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